Anti-Graffiti Service

El Veloz Cleaning Services

We offer a complete range of exterior and interior power wash cleaning for business owners and property managers. Our specialists specialize in graffiti cleaning all hard surfaces like sidewalks, parking lots, entrances, and more.  Our experts will inspect your property to recommend the following steps to follow. These steps will be a safe service to get your property to look beautiful again.

Graffiti Removal

No business owner likes graffiti on their property’s walls or sidewalks. Keep in mind that this form of art can be permanent because of the difficulty of removing it. Our anti-graffiti team offers professional and 100% effective graffiti removal services leaving your property looking fresh and clean. 

El Veloz Cleaning Services has led a professional team against graffiti throughout Southern California for many years, working alongside business owners in multiple communities. Our staff uses environmentally green products and chemicals.  They are designed for maximum removal effectiveness quickly, taking back the good look of your commercial property.

Graffiti Prevention

Our graffiti prevention team is highly trained to use best of class strategies and techniques alongside green removal products. Our team also provides surface tests, consultation, and testing to guarantee the best results of our applications of Anti-Graffiti coatings. It also includes anti-graffiti maintenance programs that fit all budgets. 

The graffiti prevention team also uses cutting-edge technology to protect your business property. Our coatings make the clean-up work simple and easy in future needs. Remember, graffiti vandalism needs to be removed quickly (24 hours if it is possible). Anti-graffiti coatings use technology to fracture molecular bonds environmentally safe chemically.

Please call today at (562) 480-5120 for additional information about our anti-graffiti service.

Environmentally Safe

El Veloz Cleaning Services offers complete and environmentally safe graffiti solutions to business properties. Our experienced team will color match any existing paint in removal services. 

Our team understands the need for a safe service when it comes to graffiti needs.  Our expertise in removing graffiti lets us bring only the best results possible to impress potential customers and pedestrians.

Graffiti True Impact

The true impact of graffiti is the increasing costs of graffiti removal and coatings. However, it also includes the negative financial and social impact of your business. Local properties with graffiti decrease property values around town, affecting the neighborhood economies and forcing companies to relocate.   

Business owners have to pay thousands of dollars to keep their property free of graffiti. This negative influence contributes to a drop in customer traffic and visitors. It also increases the fear of crime and graffiti tags.