Bird Control Service

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Why Property Owners Need Bird Control?

Birds roost all around your property, and once they’ve settled into a specific area, they build nests. Bird nests can clog vents, posing a fire hazard near lights or electrical equipment, damming water, and causing potential flooding problems to your property if it’s not prevented on time and by professionals.

All birds produce unsightly droppings that present several hazards and risks to which owners may not be aware of the business property. Some of the adverse effects are the acidic droppings that corrode materials and paint and diseases that can be considered a health department violation.

Bird Control Inspections

The most crucial information that can effectively help the bird control plan is knowing the birds infesting your property or area. The Bird Inspection team works at a different time of your scheduled bird control services. Because birds sometimes will not be present in the places where they usually roost or nest.

For better results, our team will work alongside property owners with notes, pictures, or videos to know the locations where birds are nesting, the number of birds, the time of day they are around, and the physical description of all the different species. This will help to build the most effective and responsible bird control plan possible.

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Bird Control Plans

Effective bird control plans always include vital resources for habitat changes. Bird control services offer the best long-term solutions. These plans include the prevention and protection without the use of dangerous pesticides or harmful products. Bird control techniques also include the use of green products and disposal of food sources.

The installation of bird deterrent spikes is designed to discourage bird roosting and nesting on a business property. However, deterrent spikes should be considered supplemental strategies in a bird control plan rather than the end of your bird control program. Other products designed to deter birds from loafing in a specific area include bird slides, bird nets, wire, or electric tracks.

Bird Control Follow Up

When it comes to bird pests, the best prevention strategy is to take action because birds are unpredictable quickly. Business owners sometimes are not aware and don’t know when birds will find a comfortable roosting point. If your property is close to a bird sanctuary, be sure to have a bird control plan to make it inaccessible to a passing bird by deterrent bird control services.

Feel free to contact El Veloz Cleaning Services if you notice a pattern of just one bird flying anywhere on your property. Another bird control follows up is to know if neighboring properties are already experiencing bird pests. It will give you time to start planning a bird control and help prevent an infestation in areas that provide birds with nesting spots.