Commercial Window Cleaning

El Veloz Cleaning Services

Our window cleaning technicians utilize the latest equipment and ‘Green‘ products to obtain our customer’s superior results.  Harsh chemicals have long-term adverse effects on our environment.   With El Veloz Cleaning Services, our customers encounter a friendly cleaning experience, proper cleaning techniques, the best equipment, and the most knowledgeable cleaners.

Commercial Window Cleaning 

The El Veloz Cleaning Services experts will improve your building’s appearance with our outstanding window cleaning service.  Our team is trained to use proper guidelines and procedures to keep your windows safe, emphasizing following proven standards.   

Keep in mind when the water dries on the glass, minerals leave stains on the surface. Our highly trained experts will prevent permanent damage to your windows, clean frequently, and use ‘green’ tools and products. Our project starts with a solid partnership and strong communication to understand customer expectations.

Why Engage El Veloz Cleaning Services?

Our experts know that regular professional window cleaning is the safest protector from any elements, debris, etc. We keep the costs of our window cleaning reasonable to make your property look fresh all year. Recommended window cleaning is 3 to 4 times per year to save money and future needs. 

Our highly-trained professionals have years working in the industry. This means you can relax and focus on more important endeavors while specialists will be working on your window cleaning needs. 

We are committed to providing ‘green’ window cleaning services that benefit the planet without sacrificing performance and quality. Call us today at (562) 480-5120.


Window Cleaning 

Clean windows say a lot about your properties and what’s happening inside. If it needs to be washed, scraped, sprayed, cleaned, or scrubbed, our experienced team has the experience necessary to get the job done and on time, satisfying your needs.

Window Cleaning is not only about appearance; it’s also about extending the lifetime of your building. When windows are dirty, it can damage the glass over time. Water from any source can cause damage. Our experienced crew understands the proper cleaning techniques, equipment, and products to obtain optimum results.

‘Green’ Cleaning

At El Veloz Cleaning Services, we are concerned with our ‘Mother Nature’.  Therefore we look forward to minimizing our ecological impact without sacrificing performance and quality. 

 Our technicians clean with ‘Green’ products to ensure safety to our employees and our environment.